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Belly dancing is an intriguing dance; it is beautiful, enchanting, and hypnotic. Belly dancing is definitely a great hobby for a person to have. Not only will you be having a lot of fun and helping others be entertained when you are belly dancing, but you will also be doing something that will help you to stay in shape. There really is a lot of movement involved in belly dancing. The hips will do a certain shimmering movement and the arms will swing and really help to compliment the dancer and the moves. It can be a very exciting and healthy hobby for a woman to take on. Plus, you get to wear those gorgeous outfits, what else could a person ask for in a hobby?

belly dancer in the desert

Belly dancing is a form of dancing which originally comes from the Middle East; it involves a lot of movement of the waist and the arms. There are beautiful outfits which are generally worn while a woman is belly dancing. It can be learned by taking some community classes, or you can purchase a DVD which will show you those moves. This means that it is a very inexpensive hobby for you to get into. However, it is one that will provide a whole lot of entertainment value to not only you, but also your friends and family.

Belly dancing is becoming more popular each day. While belly dancing used to be a form of dancing that you generally saw only in the Middle Eastern part of the world, you can now see belly dancing a lot in the western parts of the world. If you are looking for a hobby that has been around for ages and is still increasing in popularity, then belly dancing is a good one for you t choose.

belly dancing

Props: Belly dancing also involves the use of props; there are actually a lot of props to choose from for a woman who is a belly dancer. Basically, anything can be used as a prop as long as you can hold it in your hands and move it around in fluid motions. When a woman is belly dancing she may use such traditional props as the finger symbols. These are like small symbols which she will literally wear on her fingers and clap together to make a noise while she is belly dancing.

Some other props are the fan, a sword, a tambourine, or even a live snake. The use of live snakes when a woman is belly dancing is very exciting and it’s not all that uncommon. Many of the people watching will really enjoy it while others will want to leave the room. However, everyone will find it exciting in one way or another! When a woman is belly dancing with a snake there are a lot of movements involved with the snake. She will have the tail end in one hand and the head end in the other arm. The body of the snake will usually be around her shoulders.

Where to Start

If you are interested in learning the adventurous hobby of belly dancing, then you will be glad to know that belly dancing is a lot of fun to learn. However, it isn’t an easy form of dance to learn and you will have to be disciplined and willing to put time into learning it. When it comes to belly dancing, you want to do it right. You won’t be able to amaze people and give a good show if you aren’t belly dancing the correct way. You want to put in the practice and give it your all while you are being instructed. The more time and practice that you put in to belly dancing; the sooner you will become great at it.

learning how to belly dance

Dance Studio: You will want to find a belly dancing instruction that you feel comfortable with. You can start by contacting the local dance studios in your area. Oftentimes, they will offer classes in belly dancing. If you choose this as your method of instruction, then you will go to the studio on specific dates and times and be instructed with others whom are learning belly dancing. This is a great way for you to meet and interact with other people who are interested in belly dancing as well. Also, you will be able to be instructed by an instructor hands on who will be able to show you what it is that you are doing right and wrong.

Private Instruction: Another option for you is to look for a private instructor in your area. This is great if you can find one because you will be able to be taught belly dancing one on one by an experienced belly dance instructor. These one on one lessons can be very good, they allow you to get all of the instructor’s attention. When you have private lessons you will be able to ask them any and all questions that you have and they will have the time to answer you. It can be a little more difficult to get all of your questions answered when you are in a class with other students because the instructor has to pay an equal amount of attention to all of the students in the class.

Instructional DVD: If you can’t find a class in your area, then you can still learn how to belly dance. You will be at a slight disadvantage, but this means you will just have to work a little harder. You can get yourself a belly dancing instructional DVD. You will find that there are a lot of them for you to choose from online. Make sure that you purchase one which gives you a lot of instruction. You also want to choose one that starts at a beginner’s level. You will see that you can get an instructional DVD that starts at a beginner’s level and goes all the way through to an advanced level, this is a good thing.

Instructional Manual: Another way that you can learn belly dancing is through belly dance instructional books. The thing about this is that you have to read each step and then put it into a move yourself. You won’t have anyone there to tell you whether or not you are doing the moves correctly. This is definitely the more difficult way to learn belly dancing. However, with enough practice it can also work. One good thing about learning through the use of an instructional manual is that you will be able to learn at your own pace and make sure that you have a move down before you move on to the next section.

Where to Dance

Once you have belly dancing down and you know what you are doing, you will be able to create absolutely beautiful daces that will amaze those that watch you. Once you know how to belly dance, you will be ready to put it to use. There are a lot of occasions and other ways in which your belly dancing will come in handy. The best part of all is that you will be able to have a lot of fun with it. The costume and the moves make belly dancing a very fun hobby that will keep you and others entertained. The more you do it, the better you will get and the more you will come to appreciate this beautiful form of dance. There are a lot of ways for you to enjoy your belly dancing.

Romance: Belly dancing can be very romantic and sexy. If you are looking for a great way to perform a sexy act for your significant other, then belly dancing is a great way for you to do it. You will be able to put on a sexy romantic show for your partner that will include sensual movements, seductive eye contact, and exotic clothing. Belly dancing can be a very respectful form of dance, but it will also translate well in the bedroom.

Dancing Career: If you are thinking about learning how to belly dance as a way of supporting yourself, then you will find that it can be a very fun career. You can get hired as a professional belly dancer to put on shows for others. You can also start your own business in which you will belly dance for others at special occasions and gatherings. Many restaurants also hire belly dancers to entertain their patrons. The amount of money you can make from belly dancing will vary depending on your talent and which area of the industry you choose to focus on.

Entertainment: A lot of people choose to learn the art of belly dancing simply for its entertainment value. You will find that there will be a lot of opportunities that will come up which will allow you to show off your talents. It may be a friend’s birthday party, a family gathering, or a romantic vacation which finds you showing off your belly dancing and entertaining your friends and family members. No matter what the case, there will always be times that you will be glad you learned this beautiful and exotic form of dance.

Exercise: Many people choose belly dancing as a way for them to exercise. It can provide them with a great workout which is fun at the same time. In fact, belly dancing can burn as many calories as walking, swimming, or riding a bike. However, it is much more of an exciting experience. If you have decided to use belly dancing as a way to lose weight, then you will want to select a belly dancing instruction which keeps you moving continuously, this will help you to get the most out of your workout and see the weight loss results that you are looking for.

Bragging Rights: Some people may want to learn belly dancing simply for the novelty of knowing how to do it. This is fine, and it is a very intriguing dance to be able to brag to others about knowing. However, you will still want to make sure that you take it seriously and practice it if you really want to be able to show off your abilities to others.

The Basics

Most types of belly dancing are derived from one or more of 12 traditional movements. You can get a good idea of belly dancing by practicing and putting into motion these 12 general moves. By practicing these movements you will have the basic idea of most of the movements involved with this form of dance. If you are serious about learning more about belly dancing, then understanding and putting the following moves to use is a great place for you to start.

Traditional Hip Moves:
• The hip twists
• The hip bumps
• Up and down moves

Traditional Rolling Hip Moves:

• Hip figure 8 movements
• General hip circle moves
• Vertical hip circle moves

Traditional Ribcage Circles:

• Horizontal rib circles
• Diagonal rib circles
• Vertical rib circles with undulation

Traditional Head, Shoulder, and Arm Movements:

• The arm waves
• Shoulder movements followed by arm waves
• The head moves

When you are practicing the basics of belly dancing, you will want to realize that not everyone will look exactly the same while they are doing it. Therefore, you can expect to look a little different when you are doing the moves than the person next to you. You will want to make sure that you are doing them correctly and putting everything together the right way. But the end result will be you looking the way you do when you are belly dancing. As long as you have the motions and movements down and you put yourself into it, you will look great.

You want to make sure that you have all of the basic movements down before you go on. If you continue throwing new movements into your routine before you fully understand the basic movements and can correctly do them, then you will be moving on before you are ready. This will result in a sloppy and incorrectly performed belly dance. Take your time with it, this is a process and the more that you take your time to understand and practice all of the moves, the more graceful of a dance you will be able to perform.


Belly dancing is an art, a tradition, and a very entertaining and fun form of dance. When you get into it, you will want to make sure that you are fully prepared and that you have everything that you need to do it to the best of your ability. This is why you will want to invest in the correct belly dancing accessories. Also, belly dancing accessories are an important part of the art of this type of dance. They will make all of the difference in how you look as you are performing it. The proper accessories truly add to the overall experiences of the dance and give you, as well as the people you are performing the dance for the entire experience.

Makeup: Makeup is an important part of the belly dancing attire. You will want to apply your makeup to appear dark and mysterious. You will use black eyeliner and apply it to both the tops and bottoms of your eyelids. The eyeliner should extend out towards your temples and form a point at the end. You will want to wear dark mascara on your eyelashes. You should have on a light and powdery foundation with a mild blush. You will want to apply a dark lip liner and matching lipstick. You can put some sticky and shiny jewelry on your forehead to really look the part. The main idea is that you want to achieve a mysterious and desirable look.

Costume: In the west, the costume which is most associated with belly dancing is the “bedleh”. This costume consists of a fitted top which is usually adorned with fringe and beads, or coins, a fitted hip belt which also has fringe with beads or coins, and either a skirt or a pair of harem pants. The belt may be made to be a separate piece, or it may be sewn into a skirt.
The hip belt is a full piece of fabric which is worn low on your hips. The fitted top usually matches the belt and it does not resemble lingerie. The classic harem pants are very full and they gather at the ankle, but there are different variations. The colors vary yet one thing generally remains the same and that is the fact that the attire is shiny and gorgeous.

Dancing Accessories: Anything you want to use can be used as a belly dancing accessory. However, there are many items which are commonly used when dancing. Some of the more commonly used items are such things as finger symbols, snakes, sashes, tambourines, swords, and fans. However, you may use anything you choose and incorporate it into your dance as long as you can hold it in your hands and dance with it.


When it comes to belly dancing, you will find that there are a lot of resources out there which can help you to learn more and become more familiar with what is involved in this form of dance. There are a lot of books, DVD’s and other resources which you can use in order to learn all that you can about this fascinating dance. Here are some of the resources that you will want to take a look at to start with:

Websites: – This is a very helpful website for anyone interested in belly dancing. This site has information on just about every aspect of this form of dance. – This website is great for anyone trying to locate a class near them. They will help you to find a belly dancing class near you no matter what part of the world you live in. – This website is perfect for anyone looking to purchase belly dancing costumes. They have a wide variety of costumes which are gorgeous and high quality.


The Art of Belly Dancing – Shimmy Your Way to a Sexier You! – This is a great book for anyone that wants to learn how to belly dance as a way to achieve a weight loss.
Belly Dancing Basics – This is a good book for anyone that is new to the world of belly dancing and wants to learn more about it.

DVDs: – This is a great website to go to if you are looking for DVD’s on belly dancing. They have a large selection available which cover various belly dancing topics.

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