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Explore New Hobbies–Take An Educational Course!

School and fun don’t always go together. Ask any student and they’ll be sure to tell stories of the boring lectures, endless cram sessions, and piles and piles of homework. But there’s a reason more and more adults are enrolling in class–yes, even after they get their degree. It’s because taking an educational course is one of the most life-enriching hobbies out there.

So grab your pens and pencils, and listen up! This short guide will give you an introduction to taking an educational course.

Where Do I Find Classes?

Community colleges are one of the best places to look for fun, noncredit classes. Often you don’t even have to be enrolled at the college, so check your local community college and see what’s available. But if there’s nothing close by, don’t panic! There are online classes you can take and even classes you can do on your own.

Education Portal is a great resource for online learning. It allows you to search for universities with free online classes.

Another resource is www.learnthat.com. It lists all kinds of free tutorials and online classes–from web-design to home-repair, so you’re sure to find something that interests you.

What Classes Should I Take?

The short answer is: whatever you want! Before enrolling, consider how much time you want to spend. Do you want to do homework, or would you prefer something a bit easier? How much does the course cost? Is the class something you could do on your own, or do you need a group? And if all else fails…

Start Your Own Class

If you’re an expert in something, start your own “class” with a group of friends. If you have a friend who is fluent in Spanish, ask if he or she wouldn’t mind teaching. You can even look for people online who have similar interests and begin an online group.

Other Things to Consider

If you want to learn a foreign language, consider studying abroad. By living in a different culture, you’ll learn more than just a new language–you’ll learn an entirely new way of living!

Other great, useful educational courses to consider include: web-design, writing, cooking, and drawing. There are even classes on everything from wine-tasting to building a robot and graphic novels.

One of the best things about enrolling in an educational course is that it allows you to pursue your many hobbies with a group of excited and dedicated fellow students. With over 200 hobbies out there, it’s hard not to be excited about going back to school to learn even more about something you love.

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