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The Top 10 Stupid Funny Websites

Yes, “the internet” is one of our 300 + hobbies. And why the heck not? It’s a popular hobby–arguably the most popular modern day hobby. But after Myspace, Blogging, and watching that same YouTube video for the 100th time, you might have–gasp–run out of sites to visit. Actually, if you’re a regular surfer, chances are you’ve experienced that sad moment in time, sitting in front of the computer screen, mouse-finger posed to click…and with nowhere to go. Well, internet users,  don’t despare. For your viewing pleasure, we bring you the first in a series of web recommendations, NotSoBoringLife’s Top 10 Stupid Funny Websites.

10. Overheard in New York

New York is a stupid funny place.  It only makes sense that it is our #10 stupid funny website for you to waste a few minutes on.

9. The Darwin Awards

OK, so it’s not usually polite to mock the dead…but the Darwin Awards are too good to pass up. The Darwin Awards: “salut[ing] the improvement of the human genome by honoring those who
accidentally remove themselves from it…”

8. EBaumsWorld

From the mild-mannered office joke to the offensive video, EBaum’s world is always a good way to waste an afternoon.

7. ComedyCentral

Yeah, we know ComedyCentral is a television station, but we couldn’t pass ’em up. Their website features full-length episodes of some of their top shows, including The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

6. The Onion

The Onion is, quite frankly, “America’s Finest News Source.” And, with their spot-on satire, wit,  and headlines like ‘I Am Under 18’ Button Clicked For First Time In History Of Internet,” they’re one of the funniest as well.

5. FunnyorDie

FunnyorDie is YouTube for funny people. Will Ferrell, in particular, is a well known and accomplished Funny-or-Dier.

4. Best of Craigslist

Some sample ‘best of’ headlines include: “I Will Give You a Kidney for 2 Obama Tickets for Tonight’s Speech,” “I Will Trade My Sombrero for Your Kayak,” and the always popular “My Pubic Hair Epiphany.” Oh Craigslist, how we love you.

3. ICanHasCheezBurger

ICanHasCheezburger features lolcats at their finest. It wins the “award” (there isn’t really an award) for best funny + cute combination.

2. Stuff White People Like

Features stuff white people like. It’s pretty self-explanatory…and hilarious.

1. FailBlog

FailBlog may feature pwnd and fail moments, but it’s made of nothing but win.

Is there a stupid funny website we’re forgetting?

Leave a comment and let us know about your favorite funny website. Just kidding, we turned comments off!

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