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Abseiling Resources – Everything Else You Need To Know


Abseiling is definitely a well-trained and multifaceted skill. Contact a training facility, company, or ex-military personnel who are all highly skilled abseilers and decide who to train you.

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The information about this sport is plentiful with sites and hundreds of videos are available on YouTube. Find sources that are safe.

This BMC article about qualifications is relevant to being experts who will need specific training when you seek them for advice, book their trainings, and arrive for their tour packages. Do your research and know the skill level of the one or ones who you will be abseiling with.

Experiences from happy abseilers who love it!

What I noticed on nearly every site were the comments showcasing customer feedback. These are good reads that often rate the experiences. Find places with positive ratings.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, people were still traveling and many of them were abseiling. You are in close contact for a longer time with the rocks and ropes more than other individuals.

Customer satisfaction from repeatable business with extensively trained instructors will be the deciding factor for safety and your repeatable abseiling adventures.

Questions and forums

The best places to answer your questions about abseiling are to contact the instructors and adventure guides. They know their skills and hopefully you followed this article to learn the lingo to better articulate your thoughts to them.

Talk to the ones who will be with you through the experience.

A travel destination guide may refer you to contact via email and get an appointment so, do it. Most of the sites in this article have question areas and contacts.

Forums are also an amazing feature because the people share their detailed experiences and refer information that may be especially unknown such as tricks to the trade. There may be special discounts and deals on shopping for the equipment.

These site additions can help educate such with UKC here with asking basic knowledge questions. The skill level in questions and responses is categorized in many forums to search, write, and find relevant topics of interest.


The articles relied on safety for a major aspect of the sport. One mistake of improperly storing gear or looping the rope into the wrong knot would be disastrous.

Each technique and method exist for a reason so ask questions and read the manuals or watch the learning videos.

There are so many experts and they reiterate the reason for safety because the chance of accidents and close calls are not options. Go with certified guides to areas that are part of the experience and not desolate, dangerous “new” spots.  

One video I did not include was a first year abseiler with three successful drops and he was videorecording with a phone and selfie stick. Abseiling is a hands-on sport. You can guess what happened. There are probably many appropriate quotes for safety but in all, just know where your hands and feet are at all times. You must pay attention and know an abseiling accident is not reversible.   


Indeed.com is a job posting site for businesses to post jobs and individuals to submit resumes, get interviews, and get hired. Rope access technician jobs are available in these U.S. cities: Texas, Louisiana, California. Indiana, and Illinois on the first page of this basic search.

Like the specifics of the section, we read about earlier in the article, the technician requires a level system qualification. In some of these posts, the “urgently hiring” tab is available with higher pay.

Pacific Ropes or PacRobe is a company offering jobs in 8 fields including Geotechnical and Oil & Gas. The site lists job details of each area to fully understand the area you will be hired into. An example is Telecom with repairs and installs to antennas, transmitters, and tower structures. Another example is Geotechnical with rock scaling. If you have the skill, or desire to be trained in abseiling in these fields then these jobs are for you.

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