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Abseiling – What Equipment to Use?

rappelling down cliff face

You will need a few things

Two abseiling articles shared their abseiling equipment necessities list so get the items from both lists for a complete kit: offers a list of exactly what you need:

Climbing helmet and each best brands to buy  Durable gloves see reviews and each best brand to buyComfortable climbing shoes see reviews and each best brand to buy
Rappelling harnessRappelling ropeHiking pants
Belay deviceKnife on a lanyardRappel rings

Mora’s article, Rock Climbing & Abseiling Equipment | 10 Pieces Of Gear You Should Own, offered these additional choices:

Accessory cordClimbing rope protectorClimbing & Abseiling helmet
CarabinersProtection (anchors)Rope bag
Climbing & Abseiling guidebook  

99Boulders recommends a few more choices:

Chalk and chalk bagNut toolSlings
Climbing tapeClimbing brushClimbing pack
Trak padCrash pad 

(free image from has specialized rappelling equipment if you want to go that route. See here.

My list:

Stasher bagBackpackAbseiling stickers from Redbubble

Shop here to get started offers Amazon Prime shipping for a low yearly cost. I highly recommend this service because shipping for each item adds up even if they are all shipped together, the packages get heavy. Free Delivery, fast delivery, and their exclusive deals ONLY for Amazon Prime members are available.

Here are 3 items to get you started.

1st Choice2Nd Choice
PETZL – Sirocco, Ultra-Lightweight Climbing and Mountaineering Helmet $139.95  Black Diamond Half Dome Climbing Helmet $74.00
Prices taken from Rappelinfo Best Climbing Helmets 2021
Liberty Mountain Rappel Glove $38.36Petzl Cordex PLUS Gloves for Climbers $49.95
Prices taken from Rappelinfo Best Climbing Gloves 2021
Climb X Apex Climbing Shoe (2019) $89.95 for menLa Sportiva Solution Climbing Shoe Men’s. $180.00
Black Diamond Momentum Climbing Shoe – Women’s $64.95-149.12 For womenSCARPA Women’s Origin Wmn Climbing Shoe $61.72-99.00 For women
Prices taken from Rappelinfo Best Climbing Shoes 2021

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