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Introduction to Acrobatics

Achieving acrobatics is very hard to accomplish and is done by highly skilled individuals. The well-known acrobatics that you know have had years and years of practice to perform perfectly, these people have great balance and flexibility out of this world. You may seen acrobatics done in a ballet performance or when the circus had visited your town, most commonly acrobatics is seen in gymnastics.

Acrobatics takes a lot of mental work and skills which is why they have a spot in the Olympics. There are many competitors that have gained attention and fame from their jaw-dropping performances. Even if you haven’t watched the Olympics you most likely have heard of Simone Biles, she is only 23 years old and is known to be the most decorated gymnast in America and the third in the world. Biles currently holds 30 medals from the Olympics and World Championships. Biles started her gymnastics journey at only 6 years old, beginning training at 8 years old.

acrobats on pole

Other performers such as Katelyn Ohashi who is only 23 years old and Nia Dennis, 21 years old have also gone to great lengths in their competitive artistic gymnast careers. Most acrobatics performers are short in height, many are below five feet tall making it easier for them to bend and fly around.

What Does it Take to Become Successful?

If you are looking to build your skills in acrobatics expect it to be a lot of hard work and a lot of physical movement to be involved. You won’t learn how to do acrobatics properly overnight. To get started it a great idea to start adding acrobatic exercises to your daily routine, these workouts will help your body become more flexible along with building up your strength. Keep in mind that you should always be stretching before your exercises to make sure you do not harm or pull any body parts, this will also help with your flexibility. If you are serious about training then you may want to look into joining a gymnastics class, many gyms offer this class. Depending on where you go to join your class or the number of classes you sign up for the prices can vary, they can range from $20 to $500. Hiring a personal trainer can do wonders to help you build your muscle strength you will need a lot of muscle and power to achieve your goals in acrobatics. A personal trainer pricing usually starts at around $40 to $100.

woman doing bike tricks

Keep in mind starting acrobatics can require a whole lifestyle change, you will need to make sure your diet is corresponding with your workout routine, is healthy, and going to give you the right protein to provide the energy you need. Getting the right amount of sleep is key to becoming successful, if you do not get the amount of sleep required your body will be weak and lack energy.

If you want to go far in this sport it is going to take many hours of the day of good practice and strength building, you must be dedicated. Simone Biles decided to become homeschooled so that she could have more time to practice. Acrobatics is no easy activity and it is not going to happen by only putting in a couple of hours of practice.

What Equipment Will I Need?

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While you are practicing you should be wearing clothes you can move around in, suggested apparel would be a leotard, workout clothes such as spandex, sports bras, fitness leggings or keep it simple with a t-shirt and shorts. Capezio Women’s Tank Leotard: Clothing

You will need to invest in a good pair of gymnastic shoes for good support and easier movement. The Morgenspruch Eurythmieversand Gymnastic Cotton Shoes are an excellent pair to get started with. These shoes have a non-slip rubber bottom, the elastic band provides extra support for your feet, and they have a comfortable soft terry mix inside that will leave your feet feeling good during hours of practice. | Morgenspruch Eurythmieversand Eurythmy Gymnastic Cotton Shoes for Women with Non-Slip Rubber Sole – Designed for Waldorf Schools – Suitable for Ballet, Dance, Trampoline, Deadlift | Athletic

Since you won’t have all the time in the world to practice at your gym or gymnastics class you will have to put in some time at home, a smart idea is to purchase a gym. By having a mat at home you can get proper practice in and will have a safer area to practice on. The best mat to get to start practicing at home today is the HijoFun Premium Air Tumbling Track. This mat is perfect because it is as big as 10 feet tall, for a higher price you can go with the 20 feet mat for more room. All you have to do is blow it up with the provided air pump for unlimited practice time. This mat includes handles for easy movement and has a non-slip surface. : HIJOFUN Premium Air Mat Track 10ftx3.3ftx8in Gymnastics Tumbling Mat Inflatable Tumble Track with Electric Air Pump for Home Kids/Gym/Yoga/Training/Cheerleading/Outdoor/Beach/Park Purple Black : Sports & Outdoors

Online Communities

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When you are starting off with any new activity it is the best idea to do your research and ask questions. By finding communities and forums online that discuss information about acrobatics you can communicate with others who are starting off in the same position as you or talk to others who have had more experience. It is important to know what is acrobatics exactly before getting started.

A great online community for all news and information on gymnastics is the ChalkBucket, this site provides news all over the world about the sport and gives you a chance to talk about related topics and ask questions to real people that also passionate about acrobatics. ChalkBucket

GymnasticBodies is the perfect site for any beginner, they have a section of courses, advice, and questions for people who are starting off. You can browse through and read discussions on certain questions as well as ask your own for others to answer. This is a perfect site to seek crucial information and meet friends in the same boat as you which can be great motivation and confidence for you to keep going. Forums – GymnasticBodies

The Gymnastics forum on Reddit is a great place to visit for information on competitions and famous gymnasts around the world by reading articles or watching videos of famous competitors. You can join in on conversations and share your opinions. This is a great opportunity to ask others questions you have been dying to know to help you on your acrobatics journey. Gymnastics (

Acrobatics can be a long journey and is going to take a lot of work but it is possible without a lot of effort and major lifestyle changes. If you do your research properly and practice correctly you can be the next Simone Bailes, just like anything it is going to take time and a lot of dedication.

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