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Collecting Action Figures

If antique toys aren’t really your thing, my friends, do not despair! Action figure collecting can be just as fun and rewarding as collecting all those old toys–especially if you know what you’re looking for! Before you begin collecting action figures, however, it’s good to know a few of the basics first, such as the different kinds of action figures to look for during your hunt. Here are some of the most popular categories:

Limited Edition

Limited edition action figures come into being when toy companies decide to reduce the production of a certain action figure. This form of marketing makes the action figure valuable to collectors. There are only a certain number of them available, so naturally it’s great to get your hands on one.

chewbaca_star wars collection

Exclusive Figures

The bigger toy companies will sometimes request products not available at other stores in order to get you to shop at their store. And hey, it works! These exclusive figures are typically great sellers.


This is similar to the exclusive figures, only multiple stores will offer the product, making it “semi-exclusive.” Still, they’re great action figures for the collector.


These are rare. Prototypes are the test molds for action figures that will eventually be sold, meaning they’re rarely available for the public to purchase. Occasionally, one may slip out of the manufacturing company. If so, and you’re in the position to buy one, it’s pretty much automatic bragging rights for you.

Short Packs

This is when a package with, say, 2 or 3 action figures in it is reduced to include only 1 figure.

transformer action figure collection

These are some of the main categories of action figures–the stuff that collectors live for! (Okay, that may be a slight exaggeration, but still…) If you’re looking to collect action figures, antiques, or any other kind of toys, stay tuned for the next articles in the series. Happy hobbies!

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