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Everyone loves toys–they’re shiny (well at least some of them are!), fun to play with, and they almost always have that aura of nostalgia surrounding them, inevitably reminding you of the good old days of your childhood.

toy car collection

Yes, as a child, it’s hard not to be tempted by the shiny, fun toys in the toy store. Funny thing is, many adults are just as fascinated by toys–and with good reason. Antique toy collecting is one of those hobbies that brings out the kid in you. If you’re going to start an antique toy collection, here are a few things to consider:

Research is Key

Make sure you research and are knowledgeable about the value of your toys, or of the toys you’re considering purchasing. Get to know your local dealers, browse internet sites, read the newspaper ads, and look at books about antiques. The more you know about your hobby, the better!

toy robot collection

Find your Niche

Do you love trains, or are dolls more your thing? While it’s great to have a wide variety of toys, it can be both fun and beneficial to specialize in a category of toys that you’re most interested in.

Condition, Year, and Price

Probably the 3 most important factors to consider when purchasing an antique toy. If the toy is, for instance, quite old, in great shape, and being sold for a reasonable price (though of course any good dealer will know the value of their toy) then you’ve hit the jackpot! Always, always remember: condition, year, price.

porcelain toy figurine collection

Have fun & Don’t stress

This is really important. Toy collecting is all about having fun! Do not focus your energy solely on getting a good deal and do not spend your children’s college funds on that coveted antique bank you’ve had your eye on! Be reasonable about your purchases, and most of all–have fun collecting your antique toys.

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