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Get Started Making Candles Today: The Best Candle Making Kits for Beginners

Are you looking for a new craft to get into? Candle making offers the perfect opportunity for anyone who loves to create and bring warmth and light into their home. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, because today we’re going to explore some of the best candle making kits available so that you can find your own personal joy in this creative activity. Whether it is through giving yourself an immersive experience or gifting a hand-crafted candle, these top picks are designed with beginners in mind, allowing you to get crafting right away!

So, what is candle making?

Candle making is the process of creating candles using various materials, such as wax, wicks, and scents. Candles have been around for thousands of years and were originally made from natural materials like tallow, beeswax, and bayberries. Today, there are many different types of wax available for candle making, including soy, paraffin, and beeswax.

The process of candle making involves melting the wax, adding a wick, and pouring the liquid wax into a container or mold. Once the wax has cooled and hardened, the candle is ready to be used. Some candle makers also add scents, dyes, or other decorative elements to their candles to give them a unique appearance and aroma.

Benefits of candle making

There are several benefits to making candles at home:

Cost savings – Buying candles from a store can be expensive, especially if you use them frequently. Making your own candles at home can save you money in the long run.

Customization – When you make candles at home, you have the freedom to choose the type of wax, wick, and scents that you want to use. This allows you to create candles that are tailored to your preferences.

Quality control – Store-bought candles can contain additives or synthetic fragrances that may not be healthy for you or the environment. When you make your own candles, you can control the ingredients and ensure that they are of high quality.

Relaxation – The process of making candles can be therapeutic and relaxing. It allows you to take a break from your daily routine and focus on a creative task.

Personalized gifts – Handmade candles make thoughtful gifts for friends and family. They show that you took the time and effort to create something special just for them.

Best Candle Making Kits for Beginners

Top 5 best candle making kits for beginners

  1. Candle Making Kit by Craftzee: This kit includes all the tools and materials you need to get started, including wax, wicks, scents, dyes, and a thermometer. It also comes with a step-by-step guide to help you create your first candle. The kit is priced at $19.99.
  2. Candle Making Starter Kit by JXXXN: This kit includes soy wax and wicks along with Amber Noir and Sea Salt & Orchid fragrance oil. It comes with enough materials to create 7 candles. The kit is priced at $29.99.
  3. Complete Candle Making Kit by DOPXXBB: This kit includes everything you need to make your own candles, including beeswax, wicks, scents, and a melting pot. It also comes with a step-by-step manual to help you get started. The kit is priced at $35.99.
  4. Premium Soy Candle Making Kit by Softowl: This kit includes natural soy wax and a variety of scents, wicks, and dyes to choose from. This kit is perfect for those looking to make candles for gifts, as the packaging and materials are beautiful. The kit is priced at $49.99.
  5. Complete Candle Making Kit by SAEUYVB – this kit includes a lot of additional tools that will step up your candle-making game. It includes the basics such as soy wax, fragrance oils, and dye pouches. But this kit also includes an oil burner and a melting pot. It is priced at $49.99.

Components to make your own best candle making kit

While there are many benefits of buying a pre-made kit for candle making, you also have the option of buying each component of the kit separately. This allows you greater autonomy and choice regarding the materials that you will be using to make your candles. The 4 main components of the kits are waxes, wicks, scents, and other tools. 


Candle Making Waxes

The three most common candle making waxes are soy, beeswax, and paraffin wax. Each of these waxes are made from a different substance and have a different look and smell. Here is an overview of each.

Soy wax is made from soybean oil and is a popular choice for candle making because it is eco-friendly and has a long burn time. It is also easy to clean up and can be easily removed with soap and water.

Beeswax is a natural wax that is produced by bees. It is known for its unique honey scent and has a higher melting point than other types of wax. It is also natural and eco-friendly

Paraffin wax is a type of petroleum-based wax that is widely used in candle making. It is affordable and has a long burn time, but it may release harmful chemicals when burned.

There are also three other types of wax that are less commonly used but can still be used to create beautiful candles.

Palm wax is made from the oil of the oil palm tree and is known for its creamy appearance and long burn time. It is also biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Coconut wax is made from coconut oil and has a creamy, tropical scent. It is a natural and eco-friendly alternative to other types of wax.

Gel wax is a transparent, jelly-like wax that is made from a mixture of resin and mineral oil. It is known for its unique appearance and is often used in container candles. However, it can be more difficult to work with and may require special equipment.


There are several types of wicks that can be used for candle making. Some popular options include:

Cotton wicks – These are the most common wicks used in candle making and are made from braided cotton threads. They are the most common and available in different sizes and can be used in a variety of candle types.

Hemp wicks – These wicks are made from hemp fibers and are known for their eco-friendliness. They burn slowly and evenly, making them suitable for use in scented candles.

Wood wicks – These wicks are made from wood fibers and are known for their crackling sound when they burn. They are ideal for use in rustic or natural themed candles.

Metal-core wicks – These wicks have a metal core (such as a wire) coated in wax. They are known for their ability to hold a straight flame and are suitable for use in tall, thin candles.

Soy wicks – These wicks are made from soybean oil and are known for their eco-friendliness and clean burning properties. They are suitable for use in soy wax candles.


Candle Making Fragrances

There are many different scent options available for candle making, including natural and synthetic fragrances. Here are some of the most popular scent options:

  1. Essential oils: Essential oils are natural, plant-derived oils that are known for their therapeutic and aromatic properties. Some popular essential oils for candle making include lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus.
  2. Fragrance oils: Fragrance oils are synthetic oils that are used to add scent to candles. They are typically made from a blend of natural and synthetic ingredients and can be used to create a wide variety of scents. Some popular fragrance oils for candle making include vanilla, cinnamon, and jasmine.
  3. Aromatherapy blends: Aromatherapy blends are combinations of essential oils that are designed to promote relaxation and well-being. They are often used in candles to create a calming atmosphere.
  4. Seasonal scents: Many people enjoy using seasonal scents in their candles, such as pumpkin spice for fall or peppermint for winter.
  5. Custom blends: Some candle makers create their own custom scent blends by combining different essential oils or fragrance oils. This allows them to create unique and personalized scents.
  6. Unscented: Some people prefer unscented candles, either for health reasons or because they do not want a strong scent in their home. Unscented candles are made without any added fragrances and can be used to add ambiance without overpowering the room with scent.

Other tools

To create your own candle making kit, you will need some basic tools and materials, such as:

  • Melting pot: A melting pot is used to melt the wax. You can use a double boiler or a dedicated melting pot for this purpose.
  • Thermometer: A thermometer is used to measure the temperature of the wax as it melts. This is important because wax has a specific melting point and must be heated to the correct temperature for proper candle making.
  • Pouring pot: A pouring pot is used to pour the melted wax into the candle mold. You can use a dedicated pouring pot or a small saucepan for this purpose.
  • Molds: Molds are used to shape the candles. You can use a variety of molds, such as tin containers, glass jars, or silicone molds.
  • Dyes: You can add color to your candles using dyes or pigments. Choose a dye that is appropriate for the type of wax you are using.
  • Miscellaneous tools: You may also need additional tools, such as scissors to trim the wicks, a spoon or spatula to mix the wax, and a heat gun to remove air bubbles from the candles.

Best candle making kit beginner tips

If you’re a beginner candle maker, here are some tips to help you create successful candles:

As a beginner candle maker, there are a few key tips that can help you create successful candles. First and foremost, it is important to follow instructions carefully and pay attention to the recommended amounts of wax and wick for your candle size. Using too much or too little of either of these can affect the performance of your candle. To help ensure that the wax is heated to the correct temperature, it can be helpful to use a thermometer. This is especially important because the melting point of wax is specific and must be reached for proper candle making. 

Another important step is to trim the wicks to the appropriate length. This will help your candles burn evenly and safely. Before the wax hardens, it is also a good idea to use a heat gun or a toothpick to remove any air bubbles that may have formed. This will give your candle a smooth, even surface. As you gain more experience, don’t be afraid to experiment with different waxes, wicks, scents, and dyes to find what works best for you. Above all, remember to have fun and enjoy the process of creating your own candles.

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To make candles, acquire a heat source like an electric stove, select suitable wicks (flat, square, cored) for the candle type, and choose a creative container. Additionally, gather wax, and optional fragrance, being cautious with quantity. With these supplies and a match, you’re prepared to begin candle making.