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Intro to the Hula Hoop–Plus, 5 Reasons to Start Hooping!

In terms of hobbies that are risqué, hula hooping isn’t likely to top the list. But did you know that the hula hoop was once banned in Japan due to the scandalous hip action it incited? Today, on the other hand, thanks to Richard Knerr and Arthur “Spud” Melin of Wham-O, the hula hoop is sold world-wide and is a toy enjoyed by children and adults alike.

Although there are a variety of sizes available, most hula hoops measure 28 inches in diameter. Traditional materials include rattan, grapevines, grasses, and willow; but nowadays, most hula hoops are made of plastic.

While the company Wham-O trademarked and popularized the hula hoop, no one knows exactly when it was invented. Early records show that the Greeks used it as a form of exercise. And I must say: this is one case in which the Greeks knew exactly what they were doing. Hula hooping is a great form of exercise. But health benefits aren’t the only reason to take up hula hooping.

So why else hula hoop your way to happiness? Introducing:

5 Reasons to Add Hula Hooping to Your List of Hobbies

1. It’s Easy to Learn
If you’ve never hula hooped before, don’t fear. Hula hooping is one of the easiest hobbies to learn. Just put one foot in front of the other and rock back and forth slightly. If you need a visual aid, check out this YouTube video on How to Hula Hoop Better.


2. It’ll Make You Sweat

You may think swiveling your hips around like a cheap Elvis impersonator is nothing more than a good laugh, but hula hooping is a surprisingly good workout. There are a variety of hula hoops on the market—from small to big, light to heavy—so pick your hoop and have at it. According to Health, hula hooping burns 153 calories per half-hour.

3. It’s Fun for Everyone

This may seem obvious, but hula hooping really is fun for the entire family. There are only a certain number of hobbies you can share with your children, so why not buy a bunch of hoops and make it a day? If you don’t have kids, don’t tell me your friends wouldn’t absolutely love it if you showed them your newly discovered hip-swivels.

4. It’s Popular!

Ever heard of Hooping.org? It’s an international hub and online magazine dedicated entirely to hooping. As they explain on their website, “hooping is a term for hula hooping with large customized hoops,” so it’s a bit different from your typical hula hoop. The website has information on everything from the history of hula hooping to making your own hoop. Check it out!

5. It’s Cheap

Hula hoops vary in price but are consistently one of the cheapest hobbies out there. Why? It’s simple: the only thing you need is the hula hoop itself. On average, children’s hoops cost about $3-4 while more expensive fitness hoops are around $20 or more.

Hula hooping is a great hobby—fun, popular, and inexpensive. So what’s to lose? Add hula hooping to your list of hobbies and experience the benefits of the simple but exciting world of the hula hoop.

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