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Playing Guitar

Learning to play the guitar isn’t an easy thing for most people. This is why many people choose to invest into guitar classes. However once you become proficient in the basic skills it really becomes an enjoyable hobby. Almost like riding a bike, it’s something you’ll never forget. You might get a little rusty but your brain will retain a lot of the skills and hand formations you’ve learned over time. In this guide on How to Play Guitar we’ll give you the tools necessary to train your fingers and brain to enjoy this hobby for years to come. Here is what’s included in this guide.

playing acoustic guitar
  • What is a guitar and how it works.
  • Buying a guitar
  • Guitar Basics (strings, tuning, definitions)
  • Learning to read tablature
  • Learning basic open chords
  • Learning basic strum patters
  • How to practice playing guitar
  • Learning bar chords
  • Learning pentatonic scales
  • Learning songs

Introduction on Playing Guitar

Being able to sit down and express yourself musically is one of the greatest joys of life. The majority of the population never gets to experience that joy because they never take the time to learn how to play guitar. With a little guidance, a lot of practice, and some determination and perseverance you can learn how to play guitar.

Guitars come in all shapes, sizes, and types. We’ll cover more about these in the Buying a Guitar section, but what I want to convey to you now is that a guitar is thing of beauty. It expresses the kind of person you are, however not nearly as much as they kind of music you’ll be playing. Everyone has their own style, so what you chose to practice is up to you.

playing electric guitar

This introduction to Learning How to Play Guitar is aimed at those who don’t yet have a guitar or have just purchased a guitar and trying to figure out where to start. The greatest benefit to this guide will be the How to Practice Guitar section. You’ll find if you are a self taught guitarist that figuring out what to practice is really the most difficult thing. That and finding the time to practice an hour or more a day.

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