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Singing in Choir—Including Some Unexpected Places to Sing

Have you always wanted to join the choir but have been too scared to actually do it? While in the shower, do you secretly belt out the tunes to your favorite Broadway show stoppers? If so, you may want to begin seriously considering singing in the choir as one of your next hobbies.

Men singing in choir

It isn’t hard to do. In fact, there are all sorts of unexpected places that offer opportunities to join choir. Try some of the following:


If you already attend church, you’ve got a head start on singing in the choir. Most churches have choirs that perform during regular service. If not, they may have a special choir for Christmas or Easter services. Check with your local church to find out whether or not you need to audition.


If you’re a student, spend a semester or quarter singing in the choir. Most high schools have choir programs, and even colleges offer credited classes. Some schools even have choirs for the teachers! If there isn’t one already, ask around to see if others are interested. You may be able to start a new trend among teachers.

Your Job

Okay, please don’t start singing during work. Surprisingly enough, some workplaces actually have after-work choirs. If there isn’t one already, ask your coworkers if they’d be interested in starting something up. If you can’t gather enough people for a choir, at the very least you’ll have a snazzy duet or barbershop quartet!


Local organizations sometimes have auditions for choir. Check your local theater or other community programs.

If you’re involved with a nonprofit, see if you could raise money for charity by putting on a show!

Friends & Neighbors

Ask around your neighborhood. You might be surprised to find that the couple next door can belt it out like the best of them. Hobbies that involve friends and neighbors really are the best. You’ll bring the community together while doing something different and enjoyable.

Remember: you don’t have to be afraid to join a choir. A good attitude and a desire to sing are enough for some choirs. If you prefer, you can take individual lessons from a private instructor before joining a choir. Whatever you do, approach it with a positive attitude and you’re sure to have a great experience!

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