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Here at we’re as much of a tech freak as anyone. However there are a few elite techies out there whose hobby in life is to collect as many gadgets as possible. Here’s a quick list of the top 5 gadgets any gadgeteer should own.

1. Iphone – Hands down this is the hottest gadget of the year. With its sleek sexy look and a load of options including an ipod, phone, apps you can’t go wrong. Most have found that the AT&T service is good enough to warrant making the switch.

apple and desk gadget collection

2. Universal Remote – With plenty of gadgets the universal remote is sure to help clean up the remote control nightmare in the living room. Universal remotes are a breeze to program and are sure to please.

3. Network Media Player – Ready to take your files portable? The network media player is your answer to getting all your downloads on your flat screen. These guys are a breeze to operate and have plenty of storage for all the music and video downloads. It’s also a decent way to backup your files if you’re not already using an online backup service.

4. SLR Camera – Prices have dropped and the image quality is astounding. Its time to jump on the bandwagon and get yourself a digital slr camera. Unleash your inner creativity and start your photography hobby today.

phone collection

5. Wii – The Wii has revolutionized console gaming. With their fun to play games, you can sit down for a couple of minutes and hit the lanes for 9 frames of bowling or start an adventure with Mario. No doubt you’ll be impressed by this gaming console.

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